WWJRD – What Would Jesus Really Do?

This morning I was thinking about the time when Jesus was betrayed by Peter, so he called Peter, an “evil, evil, little minded man.” And, I was thinking about when Jesus saw the prostitute tried to drive her from the well so others would not be exposed to her evil ways. I was thinking about how he was happy when his disciples protested and flourished their weapons when we was falsely accused and betrayed by Judas.

Then there was the thought on the book of James, where Christ said to speak against others when you disagree with them. Or, in thinking about the book of John, where you can remember that on the Mount of Olives, Christ was the first to pick up a rock to throw towards the woman caught in the act of adultery. I was thinking about how he took the bread and the fish and fed his disciples and told the rest of the people they shouldn’t rely on others, but should work to get their own food.

Remember in Ephesians when he said it was okay to be angry and to brawl with those you disagree with. Where he said it was okay to be rude towards those that you believe are wrong? (4:31)

My thoughts of the morning were #WWJRD. So many professed Christians today act more like what I stated above than what is actually in the Bible. What does it mean to be Christlike in today’s world. What would Jesus Really Do?

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